Friday, September 21, 2018

Sharing in that saving JOY...

For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners, says the Lord. - Matt 9:13

caravaggio-the-calling-of-st-matthew.jpg (661×359)

Prayer after Communion (Today’s Liturgy)

Sharing in that saving joy, O Lord,

with which Saint Matthew welcomed the Savior

as a guest in his home, we pray: grant that we may always
be renewed by the food we receive from Christ,
who came to call not the just, but sinners to salvation.
Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

St Matthew
Nee - Capernaum
"And he got up and followed Him" (Mt 9:9b) ...
"leaving everything behind" (Lk 5:28)
Apostle and Evangelist
"the son of Alphaeus" (Mk 2:14)
Symbols associated w/St Matthew:
 Gospel, human/angel, sword (in re: martyrdom)
Feast Day - September 21
Painting above: The Calling of Matthew - Caravaggio


Imitate St Matthew - get up and follow Jesus.
Then invite sinners to meet Him.
"What reason can the Teacher have for eating with tax collectors
and those who disregard the law?" —Matthew 9:11
Cause heaven to rejoice (Luke 15:7).


His life is somewhat shrouded, and  ... There are not many facts ... But Matthew was a publican ... Who gathered in the tax ... Until that wondrous moment in ... His native Galilee ... When Jesus came upon him, and ... He told him, "Follow me" ... And Matthew followed Jesus then  ... Wherever Jesus went ... Ignoring Pharisees and all ... The Roman government ... With eloquent sincerity ... This good apostle preached ... In distant lands wherever there ... Were souls that could be reached ... And he composed the gospel that ... Inspires us today ... To follow Jesus Christ and live ... According to His way.
From Poem Portraits of the Saints - James J Metcalfe (1956), pg 6

(see Calling of St Matthew - Caravaggio)
 St Matthew, pray for us! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Woven round... like a robe...

"It is not sufficient to say that 
the Eucharist is at the center of the Church, 
because actually, the Eucharist makes the Church!  
It builds it from within 
and weaves it round itself like a robe. 

It is said that two sacraments in particular 
"make" the Church:  Baptism and the Eucharist.  

But whereas Baptism makes the Church grow quantitativelyas it were, in size and number, 
the Eucharist makes her grow qualitatively, 
in strength, because it transforms her ever more deeply 
into the image of Christ, her Head."

Raniero Cantalamessa
The Eucharist, Our Sanctification

Christ at Last Supper - Tapestry - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts ~ Richmond, VA

Sts Andrew Kim Tae-gon, 
Paul Chong Ha-Sang 
and Companions, pray for us!

Feast Day - 09/20/18
St. Andrew Kim Taegon - YouTube