Sunday, January 24, 2021

Beautiful, good, pure... and you! ...

The Lord's Day is the lord of days...
but also remembering St Francis de Sales TODAY... 

 "During the course of the day, recall as often as possible that you are
in God's presence. Consider what God does and what you are doing.  
You will see His eyes turned toward you and constantly fixed
on you with incomparable love." - St Francis de Sales

"As mountain hares 
become white in winter
because they neither see 
nor eat anything but snow,

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so by adoring and feeding
on beauty, purity and  
goodness itself in the Eucharist 
you will become altogether 
beautiful, pure, and good."

St Francis de Sales
Bishop and Doctor of the Church
France ~ 16 August 1567 ~ 28 December 1622
Author of Introduction to the Devout Life (MUST-READ!)
and A Treatise on the Love of God
Co-Founder of Sisters of the Visitation
Patron of authors, writers, deaf persons
a.k.a. the "Gentleman Saint"
(due to his patience and gentleness)
Feast Day:  January 24

"After having conferred Holy Orders on a pious young man, 
St Francis de Sales noticed that the newly ordained priest 
hesitated before a door as if to let someone pass before him.  
'Why do you pause?' asked the saint.  'God favors me with the 
sight of my guardian angel, ' replied the priest.  'Before I was ordained to 
the holy priesthood, my angel always remained at my right and preceded me.  
Now he walks  at the left and refuses to go before me.'

Such is the great veneration which the angelic spirits 
show even God's ministers because 
of their reverence for the Blessed Sacrament."

~ From The Guardian Angels:  Our Heavenly Companions
St Francis de Sales, pray for us!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Best use of each moment...

 "Let us make best use 
of the fleeting moments.
They will not return." 
St Marianne Cope

"I ask the Lord to give you the necessary
grace to work out your salvation
in deep humility
and sweet gentle patience."

St Marianne Cope
Nee Germany, raised in USA
Religious Sister: Sister of St Francis
Founding member of two hospitals in New York 
and Malulani Hospital in Maui
Leader: health care, education, her own congregation
35 years of caring for lepers 
on Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii
Patron: lepers, outcasts
Feast Day:  January 23
Painting: Adoration Chapel, Corpus Christi, Texas, with paint application by Kate Browning Ward

"I do not expect a high place in heaven.
I shall be thankful for a little corner where I may
love God for all eternity." - St Marianne Cope

(article National Catholic Register)

St Marianne Cope, pray for us!