Monday, August 19, 2019

The unceasing work given to us....

Prayer by St. John Eudes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

O Heart all lovable and all loving of my Savior, be the Heart of my heart,
the soul of my soul, the spirit of my spirit, the life of my life and the
sole principle of all my thoughts, words and actions, of all the faculties
of my soul, and of all my senses, both interior and exterior. Amen.


"Your most loving Heart, O Jesus,

dwells in this Sacrament
burning with love for us.
It is there continually performing
thousands of good deeds towards us."

St. John Eudes
France ~ 1601-1680
Priest, gifted preacher and confessor
Encouraged devotion to the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary 
Central theme of his writings: Jesus as the source of holiness, 
Mary as the model of the Christian life.
Dedicated to counsel and defend morally endangered women, 
founded an association of priests (Eudists) and religious -
Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity 
(later known as Good Shepherd Sisters)
Feast Day - August 19

“Our wish, our object, our chief preoccupation must be to 
form Jesus in ourselves, to make His spirit, His devotion, 
 His affections, His desires and His disposition live and reign there. 
All our religious exercises should be directed to this end.
It is the work which God has given us to do unceasingly.”-

From: The Life and Reign of Jesus in Christian Souls, St. John Eudes


St John Eudes, pray for us!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ask great things...

"Without doubt, the Lord grants all the favors
which are asked of Him in Mass,
provided they be those fitting for us..." St Jerome

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"Take my advice,
and in every Mass ask God to make you a great saint.
Does this seem too much? It is not too much. 
Is it not our good Master Who protests in the holy Gospel that,
for a cup of cool water given out of love of Him,
He will, in return, give paradise?

How, then, while offering to God
the blood of His most blessed Son,
should He not give you a hundred heavens,
were there so many?...

O blessed Mass!
Expand yet more and more your heart,
and ask great things of Him,
with the reflection that you ask of a God
Who does not grow poor by giving, and, therefore,
the more you petition for, the more you will obtain."

St Leonard of Port Maurice

St Helena
Feast Day - August 18

Mother of Constantine
Discovered the True Cross

St Helena, pray for us!