Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recognizing His power

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus

  While the assisting priest places the reserved Sacrament back into the tabernacle, the celebrant continues to genuflect.

"The wise men adored this body when it lay
in the manger; ... they prostrated themselves before it
in fear and trembling. ... Now you behold the same body
that the wise men adored in the manger,
lying upon the altar; ...
you also know its power."
St John Chrysostom
Chrysostomos - 'golden-mouthed'
Syria ~ 349 - 407
Archbishop of Constantinople
Doctor of the Church
Patron of orators
FEAST DAY ~ September 13
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"The bee is honored more than other animals, not because she labors,
but because she labors for others.”  ~ St John Chrysostom

  Click here: Saint John Chrysostom - YouTube (25 mins - excellent!)  
St John Chrysostom, pray for us!

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