Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In accord with His generous intentions...

The Eucharist is the source of the Christian life because whoever shares
in it receives the motivation and strength to live as a true Christian.  Christ's sacrifice on the cross imparts to the believer the dynamism of His generous love; the Eucharistic banquet nourishes the faithful with the Body and Blood of the divine Lamb sacrificed for us, and it gives them the strength to follow in His footsteps." -  Pope St John Paul II

St Colman's Church, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

"The Eucharist has been given to us as a Bread of life, and it is of the nature of bread to be eaten often, just as it is of the nature of life to grow by slow degrees.  While Jesus, the Word Incarnate, can give us perfect holiness through a single Communion, He has no intention of working miracles in the order of grace, in opposition to the order established by Providence. 

Man spends many long years reaching his full physical stature.  The same is true of his spiritual stature.  To attain 'to the mature measure of the fullness of Christ' (Eph 4:13)  requires persistent effort, with the help of grace and the practice of an intense Eucharistic life. 

Frequent and daily Communion for both adults and children is in accord with the generous intentions of our Lord's love and also with the wishes of the Church..."

Ernest Mura, F.S.V. 
Excerpt from In Him is Life (pg 112-113)

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