Sunday, April 30, 2017

Encountering Christ... learning from the Mass on the Move...

Taste, and see, the goodness of the Lord. - Psalm 34:8

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"The liturgy and the sacraments are not mere rituals;
they are encounters with Jesus Christ.  Through our repeated celebration
of the holy mysteries, our eyes are increasingly opened, if we are faithful. 
We learn to see and hear Christ in the liturgy, to experience His ministry to us.

The fact that Jesus vanishes from their sight teaches us
that He is no longer seen with the eyes of the flesh, but with the eyes of faith
and the eyes of the heart.  Although He is gone from our earthly, fleshly, carnal sight, He is now to be seen in the sacrament of the altar and experienced in the Liturgy 
and in the other sacraments.  The Mass has reached its pinnacle
for these two disciples and for us.  They have tasted and now they see."

Msgr Charles Pope
Excerpt of today's homily
Full text of this excellent-must-read homily:
Oil painting above: The Supper at Emmaus ~ Giuseppe Vermiglio (1585-1635)

"The Lord's Day is the lord of days" (4th c homily)
yet today also remembering.... 

Feast Day - April 30
Pope St. Pius V
Italy  ~ 1504-1572
Dominican*, Church Reformer
Leadership at time of Battle of Lepanto
"Pope of the Rosary"
*His decision to keep wearing his Dominican habit
led to the custom of the pope wearing a white cassock.


St Pius V, pray for us!

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