Saturday, November 26, 2016

O blessed Mass! ...

"O blessed Mass! Expand yet more and more your heart, and
ask great things of Him... " - St Leonard of Port Maurice
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"Take my advice, and in every Mass ask God
to make you a great saint. 
Does this seem too much?  It is not too much. 
Is it not our good Master Who protests in the holy Gospel that,
for a cup of cold water given out of love of Him,
He will, in return, give paradise?
How, then , while offering to God the blood of His most blessed Son,
should He not give you a hundred heavens, were there so many?
How can you doubt but that He wishes to give you
all the virtues and all the perfections
which are required to make you a saint, and a great saint, in heaven?
St Leonard of Port Maurice

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