Monday, November 7, 2016

Wholly holy encounter...

"The principal fruit of receiving the Eucharist in Holy Communion is
an intimate union with Christ Jesus. " - CCC 1391

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"You can call happy those who saw Him.
But, come to the altar and
you will see Him,
you will touch Him,
you will give to Him holy kisses,
you will wash Him with your tears,
you will carry Him within you
like Mary Most Holy."

St. John Chrysostom

Image:  Painting: Woman receiving the Eucharist, Felix Joseph Barrias

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Bring Our Lord and His Heart to the polls!

Lord God, as the election approaches, we seek to better understand
the issues and concerns that confront our city/state/country, and how the Gospel compels us to respond as faithful citizens in our community. ...
We pray for discernment so that we may choose leaders
who hear Your Word, live Your love, and keep in the ways of Your truth ...

Election Day - USA: Nov 8, 2016

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