Friday, August 4, 2017

The hungry soul, satisfied...

"The soul hungers for God, and nothing but God can satiate it.
Therefore He came to dwell on earth and assumed a Body in order that this Body might become the Food of our souls." - St John Vianney

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"Upon receiving Holy Communion,
the Adorable Blood of Jesus Christ
really flows in our veins
and His Flesh  
is really blended with ours." 

St John Vianney
France ~ 1786-1859
Universal patron of priests
Ability to read souls
Patron of Confessors
FEAST DAY - August 4 

Remain humble, remain simple.  The more you are so,
the more good you will do." - St John Vianney

"Oh, how I like those little mortifications that are seen by nobody,
such as rising a quarter of an hour sooner, rising 
for a little while in the night to pray!" St John Vianney

"Prayer is the inner bath of love
into which the soul plunges itself." - St John Vianney

St John Vianney, pray for us!

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving
for your priest today!

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