Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your heart, a living tabernacle

In a letter to a spiritual daughter, St Paul of the Cross writes:

"I exhort you, though you live in the world, to receive Communion often, but with piety. Holy Communion is
the most efficacious means of uniting one's self to God.
Always prepare yourself well for this sacred banquet.
Have a very pure heart, and watch over your tongue,
for it is on the tongue that the Sacred Host is laid.
Carry Our Lord home with you after your thanksgiving,
and let your heart be a living tabernacle for Jesus.
Visit Him often in this interior tabernacle, offering
Him your homage, and the sentiments of gratitude
with which divine love will inspire you. Preserve
carefully the sentiments of love with which you are
filled after Communion."
St Paul of the Cross
Mystic, Founder - Passionist Order
Italy ~ 1694-1775
FEAST DAY - October 20

"It is an excellent and holy practice to call to mind and meditate on our Lord's Passion,
since it is by this path that we shall arrive at union with God.  In this, the holiest of all schools,
true wisdom is learned, for it was there that all the saints became wise."

Taken from a letter written by St. Paul of the Cross

Ste Paul of the Cross, ora pro nobis!

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