Friday, October 22, 2021

To be or not to be...

 "When confronted with the abyss of evil,
the only response is the abyss of love. - St John Paul II

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"We must understand that in order 'to do',
we must first learn 'to be',
that is to say,
in the sweet company of Jesus
in adoration."

St John Paul II
1920 - 2005
nee: Karol J Wojtyla (Poland)
Pope: 1978 - 2005
Apostle of the Eucharist
Prolific writer
Inaugurated (and now Patron of) World Youth Day
and World Meeting of Families
Feast Day - October 22

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“If He asks much of you, it is because
He knows you can give much.”  St John Paul II


St John Paul II, pray for us!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Love compels...

"Not where I breathe, 
but where I love, I live." 
St Robert Southwell