Saturday, June 4, 2011

His calling to the priesthood

"His calling (to the priesthood) is a declaration of love.  Your
response is commitment, friendship, and love manifested in the gift
of your own life as a definitive following and as a permanent sharing
in His mission and in His consecrations.  To make up your mind is to
love Him with all of your soul and all of your heart in such a way
that this love becomes the standard and motive of all your actions
From this moment on, live the Eucharist fully;
be persons for whom the Holy Mass, Communion, and Eucharistic
adoration are the center and summit of your whole life
Offer Christ your heart in meditation and personal prayer
which is the foundation of the spiritual life."
Pope Bl John Paul II
Valencia, Spain
November 8, 1982
PLEASE PRAY for these TWO MEN who will
Deacon Matthew Crane - Diocese of St Cloud, MN
Deacon John Knopik - Diocese of St Cloud, MN
"The world looks to the priest,
because it looks to Jesus! 
No one can see Christ; but everyone sees the priest, and through him
they wish to catch a glimpse of the Lord!  Immense is the grandeur
of the Lord! Immense is the grandeur and dignity of the priest!"
Pope Bl John Paul II
Rome, Italy
October 13, 1979

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