Friday, November 29, 2013

Entering heaven...

"For a church is not a barber's shop or a chemist's or a market stall: 
it is the dwelling of angels and of archangels; it is the kingdom of God;
it is heaven itself." - St John Chrysostom
"Now, ye worldly affairs and thoughts of business,
leave me and remain outside,
while I go into the Sanctuary of the Most High
to speak to the great Lord of Heaven and earth."
St Francis of Assisi


  1. How beautiful! I would love to memorize these quotes and say them to the multitudes that come to Mass and act so irreverent. The loud talking and laughing in church is atrocious! God Bless, Christine

  2. Yes! Thank you for this wonderful post!

  3. Christine - I would guess that your actions speak louder than the words. Keep up the good and reverent example! You might be surprised how one day it will 'click' for one, then another - and the tide may someday turn in the favor of reverence.
    Nancy - Long time 'no hear' - glad to learn you're still stopping by! Appreciate your visits!