Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The consequence of ignorance...

"... if we knew what a terrible thing sin was and went on sinning;
if we knew how much love there was in the Incarnation and still refused to nourish ourselves with the Bread of Life;
if we knew how much sacrificial love there was in the Sacrifice of the Cross and still refused to fill the chalice of our heart with that love;

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if we knew how much mercy there was in the Sacrament of Penance, and still refused to bend a humble knee to a hand that had the power to loose both in heaven and on earth;
if we knew how much life there was in the Eucharist and still refused to take of the Bread which makes life everlasting and still refused to drink that Wine that produces and enriches virgins;
if we knew of all the truth there is in the Church as the mystical body of Christ and still turned our backs to it like other Pilates;

if we knew all these things and still stayed away from Christ and His Church, we should be lost! 
It is not wisdom that saves; it is ignorance!  It is only our ignorance of how good God is that excuses us for not being saints!" 

Ven Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
Excerpt from Seven Last Words

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