Thursday, April 22, 2021

Demons Witness to Sanctity of Church...

FROM:  Exorcist Chat #134:  Demons Witness to Sanctity of Church 

by Msgr Stephen Rossetti... 

Source: Blog | St. Michael Center For Spiritual Renewal | United States


    "To know what is truly holy, one might look at what demons hate.  Demons are tortured by anything holy.  And one of the greatest tortures, for all that is evil, 
is entering a Catholic Church...

    +First. as one approaches the Church, the bells are ringing.  Demons are 
repelled by the sound of the Church bells.  Some exorcists ring little blessed bells
during an exorcism for that very reason. 
    +Walking through the Church doors causes great distress and anxiety for 
demons.  Many possessed people find it well nigh impossible; demons desperately 
try to block them from entering. 
    +Then blessing one's self with holy water is a source of great torment for 
demons. Holy water is part of every exorcism.  It is one of the most consistently
effective sacramentals to cast out every type of demon. 
    +Walking up the aisle, one sees a crucifix.  A standard part of every exorcism is raising the sign of the demon's defeat, the crucified Jesus, and saying, "Ecce crucem Domini:  fugite partes adversae." When I raised up the crucifix in a recent exorcism, the demons shouted, "Take it away!  It's burning me!"
    +Near the altar is typically an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The demons cannot even say her name, it is so holy and full of grace.  They are terrified of her.    
    +As the Mass begins, a priest approaches and kisses the altar.  Demons hate priests, as uniquely configured to Christ.  As a demon said to me in the midst of an exorcism, "I hate the day she met you!"
    +The priest's vestments themselves, particularly the stole, are powerful sacramentals.  When one possessed person was struggling with demons of unchastity, we wrapped a priest's cincture, a symbol of chastity, around her waist. The demons begged to have it removed.  In another exorcism, I laid my stole on the possessed and the demons howled in pain, "Take it off!  Take it off!"
    +Demons do everything they can to keep a possessed person from going to 
Mass and receiving Communion.  A possessed person said the host tasted to her like "a dead animal."  Demons abhor the Real Presence.  Satanic cults know how sacred a consecrated host is, which is why they try to steal one and desecrate it. 

    Everything about a Catholic Church is abhorrent to demons because it is holy. 
Their tortured response is a strong and clear testament to the sanctity of a Church and manifold graces inside.  Then, wouldn't a daily visit to a Church for all of us 
be a graced moment?  Is there really anything more important or more grace-filled 
than  daily Mass?"

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