Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Grace dropping upon your soul...

  "From the Tabernacle Jesus seems to say, 'Stay with Me
for it is towards evening and the day is now far spent'. 
This should urge me to come to visit Him often." 
 Fr William Doyle
"As regards prayer, you should try to follow 
the attraction of the Holy Spirit, 
for all souls are not led by the same path.  
It would not be well to spend all the time in vocal prayer, 
there should be some 
meditation, thought or contemplation. 

Try 'basking in the sun of God’s love,' 
that is, quietly kneeling before the Tabernacle, 
as you would sit enjoying the warm sunshine, 
not trying to do anything, except love Him; 
but realizing that, during all the time you are at His feet, 
more especially when dry and cold, 
grace is dropping down upon your soul
 and you are growing fast in holiness."
Fr William Doyle, SJ (+ 1917)

It has 'been awhile' since I have quoted from this saintly priest... 
Make the time to visit this site - one always leaves well fed!

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