Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Consider the angels...

   "The angels surround and help the priest when
he is celebrating Mass." - St Augustine

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"The heavens open and multitudes of angels 
come to assist in the Holy Sacrifice 
of the Mass." - St Gregory the Great

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"All of Paradise 
is close to the altar
when I say Mass. ...
The angels around the altar 
adore and love."

St Padre Pio

Quotes in honor of remembering ...
St Frances of Rome
Italy ~ 1384 -1440
Wife, mother, monastic, mystic
Great devotion to Passion and faith in angels
Given gift to see Guardian angel in bodily form
Oft said by St Frances, "God's Will is mine."
Feast Day - March 9

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 "It is most laudable in a married woman 
to be 
devout, but she must never forget she is a housewife.  
And sometimes she must leave God at the altar 
to find Him in her housekeeping." - St Frances of Rome

St Frances of Rome, pray for us!

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