Thursday, April 7, 2022

Often, in His company...

  "Learn from Jesus by often being in His company." 
St John Baptiste de La Salle

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St. John Baptiste de La Salle was fueled by a life of prayer
centered on our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament:
“Say to Jesus as the apostles did:
'Lord, teach us to pray.'"

St John Baptiste de La Salle
France ~ 1651-1719
Priest, Education Reformer
Founder - The Brothers of Christian Schools
Created network of quality Christian schools
Called "the father of modern education"
Patron of all school teachers
Feast Day - April 7

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  "Often ask God for the grace to touch hearts. ...
God expects you to touch hearts."
 St John Baptiste de La Salle 

St John Baptiste de La Salle,
pray for us!

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