Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Take the challenge...

   "Nothing is so beautiful as a pure soul, 
a soul nourished by its God.
Purify yourselves then by a good confession, 
and each Sunday 
give your soul a good meal." 
St John Vianney

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Do you like challenges?  
Take one from a Saint...

"My children, make yourselves
apostles of the Holy Communion, and 
encourage the practice of it by your advice
no less than by your example. 

Come back in six months, 
and bring me, each of you
two or three companions
won over to your cause."
St John Vianney

To consider: St John Vianney's Feast Day is Aug 4 - in about 6 months...
Let's strive to 'meet his challenge' as a Feast Day gift to him, to the Church!


Historically, today, SHROVE TUESDAY
as well as the feast of the Holy Face of Jesus
is celebrated by the Church the day before Ash Wednesday.
On this day, Catholics traditionally confess their sins and 
partake in foods that will be abstained from through Lent. 

Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is primarily 
to make reparation for sins against
 the first three Commandments. 
"O Bleeding Face, O Face Divine
be every Adoration Thine." (3 times)

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