Monday, February 7, 2011

Monstrances with legs

"In the host Christ gives Himself to live the ordinary life
as it is today, to live fully in all its essentials, and to take into Himself, into His own living of the Host-life, the
most ordinary, the most numerous, seemingly the most mediocre lives, bestowing upon them His own power
to bring down the Spirit of Love .   . . .

    An unknown martyr priest of our own times, whose anointed hands had been cut off by his persecutors,
so that he might never again consecrate bread and wine, sent this message secretly from his exile, asking his
friends to take it from one to another round the world:

    'I can never again carry the Sacred Host or lift It up
in my hands, but no one can prevent me from carrying
Our Lord in my heart wherever I am.  You, who are
not prisoners, who are not held in one place, go often
to Holy Communion.  Carry Christ everywhere in your hearts.  Make your souls monstrances, and go into those places where Our Lord has never been adored in the Host, where the monstrance has never been lifted up.'

Caryll Houselander

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