Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christ liveth in us

Jueves Santo
"All these thoughts on the Eucharist make it clear to us that in this Sacrament, in which He not only gives grace to us but also gives Himself, we are led to a supreme peak of spiritual fulfillment.  This Sacrament is not given to us merely in order that we do something, but that we may be someone:  That we may be Christ. That we may be perfectly identified with Him.

Comparing the Eucharist with confirmation, St Thomas says that confirmation brings us an increase of grace in order to resist temptation, but the Eucharist does even moreit increases and perfects our spiritual life itself, in order that we may be perfected in our own being, our own personality, by our union with God...

In other words, by our union with Christ in the Eucharist we find our true selves. 

The false self, the "old man" is burned away by the fervor of charity generated by his intimate presence within our soul.  And the "new man" comes into full possession of Himself as we 'live, now not we, but Christ liveth in us.' "

Thomas Merton
The Living Bread

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