Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before the Blessed Sacrament

Before the Blessed Sacrament
                        I adore You hiding behind this mask
                        this shroud of appearances wrapping the Substance
                                this cloud of wheat that cloaks the Sun
                                this veil of bread upon the Face
                                all creatures long to see.
                        I worship You waiting within this portal
                                this skylight open to shimmering Heavens
                                this doorway down to silent Depths
                                this darkened window dim and foggy
                                with the breath of Love.
                                For You gave Yourself to me in this Token
                                this Locket hung on the breast of heaven
                                this modest Medal of celestial mint
                                this poor plain Penny in the purse of God
                                that purchased a world.
Paul Thigpen           
 From Jesus We Adore You
(Servant Books) 

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