Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Good Company


"A little episode in the life of St Benedict is very beautiful. 
One day during Holy Mass, as soon as the words 'This is My Body'
had been uttered, St Benedict heard a response coming
from the newly consecrated Host: 'And also yours, Benedict!' 
True participation at Holy Mass should make us
victims (hosts) in company with the Divine Victim. "

Excerpt from Jesus Our Eucharistic Lord
Fr Stefano M Manelli, FFI

St Benedict
Italy ~ 480-547
Priest, twin brother to St Scholastica
Patriarch of Western Monasticism
Motto of Benedictines: Ora et Labora
("Pray and Work")
Co-Patron of Europe
FEAST DAY - July 11

 "Prayer ought to be short and pure,
unless it be prolonged by the inspiration of Divine grace."
~ St. Benedict of Nursia

St Benedict, ora pro nobis!

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