Sunday, July 29, 2012

The beauty of His GRACE!

All graces are in Him; He is the fountain and the fullness of them all; He longs to pour them out over dear souls, souls that He died for; and they will not let Him; [...] Go and help Jesus. Why should a single soul be lost, for which He died ?
I say, why should one be lost ? It is a horrible thing to think of a lost soul, most horrible. And why should they be lost? why?
There is Precious Blood to be had for the asking; and what it gives is grace.
But men do not care about grace. St. Paul spent his whole life teaching people about grace, and praying for grace for them, and that they might use grace rightly when they had got it.
When the Fountain of all grace is springing up like a living well of joy in the heart after Communion, ask Him to open all men's eyes to the beauty of his grace, and so will you cause His grace to multiply, and with the multiplication of grace His interests to prosper.
For thus stands the case with our dear Lord, that the more He gives away, the richer He becomes.

Frederick Wm Faber (1814—1863): All for Jesus, (pp. 32-34)

Christ on the Cross - Oscar Dehaes

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