Monday, September 17, 2012

Food for the journey...


"The Holy Eucharist is offered to us on our pilgrimage as food so that we do not faint on the path to the fatherland, especially at the time when, tired by a long journey, our forces are apt to wane…The Lord left His Body in the Eucharist as a pledge of heavenly beatitude." ~ “Comments on Aquinas’ O Sacrum Convivum

St Robert Bellarmine
 Italy ~ 1542-1621
Jesuit theologian, writer, and cardinal
Key voice and action in Counter-Reformation
"Prince of the Apologists"
Doctor of the Church
Patron of Canon lawyers, catechists, students
FEAST DAY - September 17
 "Charity is that with which no one is lost,
and without which no one is saved". ~ St Robert Bellarmine
St Robert Bellarmine, ora pro nobis!


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