Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holy passing of days and nights

 Woman with a candle - Godfried Schalcken

“I desire, and ask it from Your love
to dwell always close to You,
in body or at least in heart;
to behold your Eucharistic beauty and glory;
to feed ever on Your love;
to pass my days and nights, as far as you allow,
in blessing, in loving, and in contemplating You!”

St Gertrude the Great


  1. "Let us love until we die of love."

  2. Janette...I found your blog while searching images for Pinterest. It is such a beautiful sacred place to visit. I linked to some of your pics that others may also visit you.

  3. Welcome to Anon and Theresa - May we know, love and serve our Eucharistic LORD - more and more - yes, loving until we die of love!