Friday, October 19, 2012

They have drunk His cup...

 “We multiply whenever we are mown down by you;
the blood of Christians is seed.” Tertullian, Apology, 50,13
“Let us honor the martyrs of the Lord chosen
out of every class, as soldiers of Christ who
have drunk His cup and were then baptized
with the baptism of His life-bringing death,
to be partakers of His passion and glory…”

St John Damascus
Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, 4, 15

Sts. Isaac Jogues,
John de Brebeuf and Companions
Jesuit Martyrs ~ +1642-1649*
FEAST DAY - Oct. 19
Fr Isaac Jogues gave the original European name to New York's Lake George,
calling it Lac du Saint Sacrement, Lake of the Blessed Sacrament.
*The North American Martyrs and their entrance into eternal life:
St Rene Goupil - Sept 29, 1642
St Isaac Jogues - Oct 18, 1646
St John de Lalande - October 19, 1646
St Anthony Daniel - July 4, 1648
St John de Brebeuf - March 16, 1649
St Gabriel Lalemant - March 17, 1649
St Charles Garnier - December 7, 1649
St Noel Chabanel - December 8, 1649

Prayer to the Eight North American Martyrs
(author unknown)
Let Us Pray
Protect our land, O heavenly patrons, which you have bedewed with the rich treasure of your blood. Watch over our Catholic Faith which you helped to establish in this new land. Bring all our fellow citizens to a knowledge and love of the truth. Make us zealous in spreading abroad a knowledge of Catholic teachings, so that we may continue and perfect the work which you have begun with so much labor and suffering. Pray for our homes, our schools, our missions; for vocations, for the conversion of sinners, the return of those who have wandered from the fold, and the perseverance of all the faithful. Amen.

More on the North American Martyrs... ( a must read!)
Sts. Isaac Jogues, 
John de Brebeuf and Companions,
ora pro nobis!


  1. Another amen from me. I love these martyrs, and it occurs to me (surprisingly, for the first time) that they are ideal saints to ask for prayer at present. So I will be asking. Thank you for another marvelous post.

  2. Good insight, Nancy. Our son who was just ordained a Deacon has a longstanding devotion to these men of exemplary, heroic bravery and love. Yes, ideal friends of intercession in these days!