Monday, October 22, 2012

Truth sets free

 Jesus said... But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, 
will draw all men to Myself.  ~ John 12:32
From a letter of Bl Niels Stensen (Danish) written prior to his conversion to Catholicism from Lutheranism, describing a Corpus Christi procession he witnessed in Leghorn, Italy, on June 24, 1666:

   “When I saw the host carried amid such pomp across the city, the thought came into my mind:  either this Host is a simple piece of bread and those who render it such are mad, or else It is truly the Body of Christ.  In that case, why should I too not honor It?  When this idea flashed across my mind…  I could not persuade myself that so great a part of the Christian world was mad - - thinking of the Roman Catholics, among whom there were so many intelligent and learned men …
… I spent much time in seeking the truth, trusting to God to open my soul to the knowledge I sought in all sincerity of heart.”

From: Neils Stensen, Scientist-Bishop by Raffaello Cioni (1962), pgs 70-71.

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