Thursday, February 21, 2013

Powerful, protective, precious Blood

Bernini ~ Crocifissione

On one occasion St Peter Damian wrote to a young nephew:

“If I may speak figuratively, drive out the roaring beasts from your domain; do not cease from protecting yourself daily by receiving the Flesh and Blood of the Lord.  Let your secret foe see your lips reddened with the Blood of Christ.  He will shudder, cower back, and flee to his dark, dank retreat."

St Peter Damian
Reformer, Cardinal
Doctor of the Church
Italy ~ 1007-1072
 MOTTO:  “Do not prefer anything to the love of Christ.”
FEAST DAY - February 21

“Do not be depressed. Do not let your weakness make you impatient, Instead, let the serenity of your spirit shine through your face. Let the joy of your mind burst forth. Let words of thanks break from your lips.” ~ St Peter Damian

St Peter Damian, ora pro nobis!


  1. A Happy and Blessed Lenten Season to you dear Janette! Hoping this finds you and yours doing well. I haven't left a comment in a long time, but still stop by and read your postings, that I love.

    This posting is exquisite and encouraged me a little. Guess, Our Lord knew I only needed a little, because I guess He knew I couldn't have handled too much, although I feel differently emotionally. His will be done, now and always.

    Thank You for your time and energy that you so kindly put into your blog, it touches more people than you probably realize. Hope you are not freezing. Here it was a plesant 70 degrees. John K.

  2. Greetings, John! Always a JOY to hear from you. I just returned today from sunny Florida following an 8 day retreat of SILENCE! - so thus the delay in answering!

    May we together - and along with others - well, why not everyone!? - come to know,love and serve our Eucharistic Lord more and more!