Saturday, February 9, 2013

Realizing our brotherhood...

"Blessed is the womb that bore Thee and the breasts that nursed Thee!" exclaimed a certain woman to Jesus (Lk 11:27). The Immaculate Virgin carried Jesus within her womb while His Body was being formed from her own flesh and her own blood. 

Thus every time we go Holy Communion, it should be a pleasure to recall that Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the Bread of Life produced from Mary with the flour of her immaculate flesh and kneaded with her virginal milk.  She has made this for us, her children.  And we realize more fully our brotherhood with one another as we all partake of this delicious and fragrant Bread of our Mother. 

Fr Stefano M. Manelli, F.F.I.
Jesus Our Eucharistic Love (pg 94)


  1. Janette!
    It reminds me of this hymn we sing in Church:
    1. The bakerwoman in her humble lodge
    received a grain of wheat from God.
    For nine whole months the grain she stored.
    Behold the handmaid of the Lord.
    Make us the bread, Mary, Mary.
    Make us the bread, we need to be fed.

    2. The bakerwoman took the road which led
    to Bethlehem, the house of bread.
    To knead the bread she laboured through the night,
    and brought it forth about midnight.
    Bake us the bread, Mary, Mary.
    Bake us the bread, we need to be fed.

    3. She baked the bread for thirty years
    by the fire of her love and the salt of her tears,
    by the warmth of a heart so tender and bright,
    and the bread was golden brown and white.
    Bring us the bread, Mary, Mary.
    Bring us the bread, we need to be fed.

    4. After thirty years the bread was done.
    It was taken to town by her only son;
    the soft white bread to be given free
    to the hungry people of Galilee.
    Give us the bread, Mary, Mary.
    Give us the bread, we need to be fed.

    5. For thirty coins the bread was sold,
    and a thousand teeth so cold, so cold,
    tore it to pieces on Friday noon
    when the sun turned black and red the moon.
    Break us the bread, Mary, Mary,
    Break us the bread, we need to be fed.

    6. And when she saw the bread so white,
    the living bread she had made at night,
    devoured as wolves might devour a sheep,
    the bakerwoman began to weep.
    Weep for the bread, Mary, Mary.
    Weep for the bread, we need to be fed.

    7. But the bakerwoman’s only son
    appeared to his friends when three days had run
    on the road which to Emmaus led,
    and they knew him in the breaking of bread.
    Lift up your head, Mary, Mary.
    Lift up your head, for now we’ve been fed.

  2. Ruth - simply and profoundly beautiful! Maybe someday I will hear it sung - and even better, perhaps someday sing it with you!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing blog! I come here everyday and read everything. I love it! (I'm a young person) Thank you again.


  4. Thank you for your visits and your comment, Hannah!- Continued blessed reading to you. So many graces and inspirations to be had through the Eucharistic thoughts and testimonies of the saints. God be praised that you are discovering this as a young person!!! Spread the news of this blog -that we may all come to know, love and serve our Eucharistic LORD more and more. Also - many others get these reflections via daily email. So this is an option also. Every First Wednesday I offer a Holy Hour for the recipients. I will be including you in future Holy Hours.