Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring of life itself...

"...The inmost chamber of the human soul
Is favourite dwelling to the Trinity,
His heavenly throne right here on earth.

To free this heaven'ly realm from the hostile hand,
God's Son descended as the Son of Man
He gave His blood as ransom.

Within the heart of Jesus pierced with lances,
The realms of Heaven and earth become united.
And here we find the spring of life itself.


This is the heart of Trinity divine,
The center also of all human hearts.
Source of our life from God.

It draws us close with its mysterious might,
It keeps us safe within the Father's lap
And floods us with the Holy Spirit.

This heart beats in a tiny tabernacle
Where it remains in hidden mystery,
Within that orbit, silent, white.

That is Your royal throne, O Lord, on earth,
Which You have built for us, plainly to see,
It pleases You when we draw near....

Each morn You come to me at early Mass,
Your flesh and blood become my food and drink;
And wonders are accomplished...

How wondrous are the marvels of Your love,
We are amazed, we stammer and grow dumb,
For word and spirit fails us."

From the poem "I Shall Stay With You...,"
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

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