Saturday, March 23, 2013

To be content always...

Holy Redeemer Adoration Chapel ~ Madison, WI - USA
"The only One necessary to have
to be content always
is to have our Lord."
 St Turibius de Mogovejo
Nee Spain ~ 1538 - 1606
Layman to ordained Archbishop of Lima! (see YouTube below)
Patron: Peru, Latin Am. Bishops, Native Rights
Feast Day - March 23
When Turibius undertook the reform of the clergy as well as unjust officials, he naturally suffered opposition. Some tried, in human fashion, to explain God's law in such a way as to sanction their accustomed way of life.  He answered them in the words of Tertullian, "Christ said, 'I am the truth'; he did not say, 'I am the custom.'"
St Turibius, ora pro nobis!

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