Friday, July 26, 2013

Union with Christ, family, friends

How lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of hosts. - Psalm 84:1
Sister of the Perpetual Adoration Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament at prayer ~ Sacred Heart Adoration Chapel, St Joseph Cathedral ~ Sioux Falls, South Dakota ~ USA.  ~ Photo courtesy: The Catholic Foundation for Eastern South Dakota

"As medieval Christians came to seek union with Christ in abiding before the reserved Blessed Sacrament, they likewise began to discover in the presence of their God a deeper union with their family and friends, as did Saint Elzear of Sabran, a Third Order Franciscan (1286-1323), who, in a letter to his wife, Saint Delphina, wrote: 

'You desire to hear often of me.  Go often to visit our amiable Lord Jesus Christ in the holy sacrament.  Enter in spirit His Sacred Heart.  You know that to be my constant dwelling.  You will always find me there.'"
From In the Presence of Our Lord
The History, Theology, and Psychology of Eucharistic Devotion
(Chapter 10, Pg 233)
Fr Benedict J Groeschel, CFR and James Monti
Remembering ...
Sts Joachim and Anne
Parents of the Virgin Mary
Patrons of Grandparents
Feast Day - July 26
Sts Joachim and Anne, pray for us!


  1. Janette!
    Greetings! I have been admitted to an esteemed college St. Xavier's College for my education! Thanks for your prayers! Continue in your prayers for me. I prayed specially for you today, my Mother in Christ! :)

  2. Ruth - Such happy news!! Sharing in the great joy of God's choice for you to put His good gifts in you to a good work. The College will indeed benefit from your 'light'! St Xavier will be a wonderful intercessor throughout! Congratulations!! Let us continue in prayers - one for the other.