Saturday, February 28, 2015

A vision that leads...

So I gaze on you in the sanctuary to see your strength and your glory.  
For your love is better than life ... 
So I will bless you all my life...Psalm 63:2-4

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“Video caelos apertos, St Stephen cried as they stoned him:  ‘I see the heavens opened’. The elevation is the moment at which the eternal is made manifest in time, in the ‘divine mystery’, the moment of vision on the Mount of Vision. 

But we are not meant to think of the vision as something which, however precious and sublime, is fugitive, impermanent:  essentially it leads on to the moment of communion, and that in its turn points onward to the life that is to be led in the world when the Mass is over.”

Gerald Vann, O.P.
The Paradise Tree (pg 193)

homeless.jpg (550×405)Operation Help the Homeless (LosAngeles ~ USA)

Prayer * Fasting * Almsgiving

"Therefore, do not lose by saving, but gather in by scattering.
Give to the poor, and you give to yourself. You will not be allowed to keep
what you have refused to give to others." - St Peter Chrysologus

Stained Glass:  Elevation of host.  Rothenburg, St Jakob (Bavaria).  Artist: Rafael Toussaint

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