Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Remembering the King's visit...

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. - II Cor 9:15
"The most solemn moments of your life are those you spend in thanksgiving, when the King of Heaven and earth, your Savior and your Judge, is yours, fully inclined to grant all you ask of Him. 

Devote half an hour, if possible, to this thanksgiving, or, at the very least, fifteen minutes. ... The temptation often comes to shorten our thanksgiving.  The Devil knows its value, and our nature, our self-love, shrinks from its effects.  Determine, therefore, what the duration of your thanksgiving is to be, and never subtract a moment from it without a pressing reason.    ...

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Having received Jesus and enthroned Him in your heart, remain quiet for a moment, not praying in words, but resting in silent adoration.  ... Proclaim Him King of your heart, Spouse of your soul, and hearken to His voice.  ... Lay your heart at the feet of the heavenly King. ... Do not disturb your soul so long as it is recollected, at peace in the presence of the Lord.  ...

In this gentle slumber on the Heart of Jesus, it receives grace, which nourishes it, unites it most sweetly to its Beloved, and profits it more than any other spiritual exercise. ...

Before leaving Him, give an offering of love to your Savior, some sacrifice that you will make for Him during the day.

During the day, be like an urn that has held a precious perfume, like a saint who has spent one hour in Heaven; do not forget the visit of your King." ...

St Peter Julian Eymard
Holy Communion 

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Lent begins this year on Wednesday, Feb 18.
Let us examine and renew our practice 
of unhurried Thanksgiving after Holy Communion. 

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