Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Belonging to Christ, not to ourselves...

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
the old has passed and the new has come! - II Cor 5:17

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"The saints go to Holy Communion in complete poverty of spirit.  It is not a question of supplying for their deficiencies, of completing themselves - it is a question of replacing their nothingness by the fullness of Christ.  Their past life - good and bad - their sins and merits, count as nothing in their eyes; their hope, their whole desire, their whole self, is found in the Blessed Sacrament. ...

We cannot believe our good fortune; we cannot realize the love and bounty of God.  We do not know the gift of God; we do not realize that God can give us all the desires of our heart.  We still cling to our own selves and our own strength, and put our hope in our selves.

If we would be truly happy, and find all that our heart longs for let us go to Communion in faith, hope, charity, humility, and complete abandonment to the will of Him who comes as our food and our tremendous lover.  For we cannot do better than to adopt the device of St Columban: Christi simus, non nostri - Let us belong to Christ, and not to ourselves."

M. Eugene Boylan, O.Cist. R
This Tremendous Lover (pg 172-3)

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