Friday, March 13, 2015

Love shares everything it has...

 "In the Eucharist, Christ is always renewing His gift of self, 
which He made on the Cross.  His whole life 
is an act of total sharing of self out of love." - Pope Francis

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"Our Christian conversion has to be a grateful response to the marvelous mystery of the love of God that He worked through the death and resurrection of His Son, which becomes present to us in every birth to the life of faith, in every act of forgiveness which renews and heals us, in every Eucharist which sows in us the very feelings of Christ.

In Lent, by conversion, we turn to the roots of the faith by contemplating the immeasurable gift of the Redemption, and we realize that everything has been given to us by the free initiative of our God.  ... Love shares everything it has..."

Pope Francis

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"Only those who have been caressed by the tenderness of mercy, truly know the Lord. The privileged place of encounter is the caress of mercy of Jesus Christ towards my sin. And for this reason, sometimes, you have heard me say that the place, the privileged place of encounter with Jesus Christ is my sin. It is thanks to this embrace of mercy that the desire to respond and change comes from, and that can allow a new life to spring up." - Pope Francis, 9 March 2015

Top Image: Wood cut - Eric Gill

PRAYER REQUEST: Several "little ones" from my Catechism class will be making their first Confessions TOMORROW morning, March 14.  Their First Holy Communion Day will be May 3.  They will be on retreat May 2 and make another Confession in preparation that day, as well. Please join me in prayer. - Janette

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Happy and Holy second year Anniversary of your Pontificate, 
dearest Pope Francis, as you show us the Way...
You have the continued pledge of our love and prayers!