Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From the silent core...

 "When we are before the Blessed Sacrament, instead of looking about us,
let us shut our eyes and open our hearts; and the good God
will open His.  We will go to Him, and He will come to us,
the one to give, and the other to receive.  It will be like a breath
passing from one to the other."- St. John Vianney

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"Our own silence is not disagreeable to God; it does not repel Him.  He listens to the longing deep within our soul. With God we must learn a new language of love in which words are often unnecessary. ...

Our longing for Him hides beneath words. A bedraggled, branded spirit may be the reality of the day, the humbling truth of the current hour.  But it does not preclude a cry of love from the silent core of our being. ...

There is in a sense no option.  One cannot seek God after a while except inside a greater density of interior silence in prayer where there is no help from words, no distinct utterance that would predictably cast open a door.  The soul can only wait in a poverty of speech."

Father Donald Haggerty
Professor of Moral Theology
Capuchin Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Ethiopia
Contemplative Provocations (Ignatius Press)

Image: Stilles Gebet, Silent Prayer

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