Friday, January 15, 2016

For love of us...

"Is it possible that there are souls who do not understand what
the Blessed Eucharist is?  Who are insensible to the Divine Presence;
to the mysterious ardent effusion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? 
O Heart of Jesus! Heart of Love!" - St Gemma Galgani
british-soldiers-receive-holy-communion-everett.jpg (600×436)
"How sweet the Spirit of Jesus!
Oh what is it that ever induced Jesus
to communicate Himself to us
in such an enchanting and wonderful way?
Just think - Jesus our food!  Jesus my food!
At this moment what would I not wish to say to you?
But I fail in the attempt. 
I succeed only in crying and in repeating: 
Jesus my food!
And in thinking that Jesus
has done this through
the immense love He has for us."
St Gemma Galgani
From a letter to a friend in Rome
Image: British soldiers receive Communion


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