Monday, September 19, 2016

The bloom of an altar within...

For you, LORD, have never 
foresaken those who seek you. - Psalm 9:10b

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"How do I prepare myself to receive the Host? 
I draw near with my soul, from the moment when I wake up. 
I call out for it with my lips, I attract it with my sighs, I long for it, I love it,
and with a thousand acts of discipline, I prepare ... for it.

My chalice is full to the brim with this lowly blood,
drawn and extracted out of love to mingle with His blood on the altar,
my Immaculate Lamb, and together they are offered
up to God's throne, asking for grace.  

Is it not an undeserved happiness and favor
to have an altar within and the freedom to be able
to do this for my Jesus without anybody knowing? 
My soul's blood, its life fluid, is also for Jesus. Power, feelings,
and my life, I place them all at the foot of the tabernacle."

Venerable Conception Cabrera de Armida (+1937)
Excerpt: Irresistibly Drawn to the Eucharist: Conchita Cabrera dr Armida's
Most Beautiful writings on the Eucharist, Fr Juan Gonzalez Gutierrez, M.Sp.S.,

Painting:  Still Life of Flowers and Grapes encircling a Monstrance in a Niche ~ Jan van Kessel

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