Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stay with God, go with God ...

"Stay with God, go with God." - St John of God

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"Every day of your life
keep God before your eyes.
See the Mass out to the end."

St. John of God
Portugal (1495-1550)
Religious, Founder of Order of Hospitallers
Welcome to St John of God Hospitaller Services.
Patron: Hospitals, the Sick, Nurses
Motivation Scripture: Whatsoever you do to one of these, 
the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to Me.
Feast Day  - March 8

Click here: St. John of God - YouTube (2 mins)
Painting above: Peter Fendi, Holy Mass

Murillo's St John of God

"(St John) requested those round his bed to leave him alone for a few minutes; 
he had lived his life alone, he would die alone.  When they were gone he rose 
from his bed and knelt before a crucifix. The nurses entered shortly after 
and found him still kneeling there, his face resting on the feet of the Savior, 
but he was quite dead.  His body remained kneeling till it was taken up 
to be laid out for burial.  It was the eighth of March, 1550, a little 
after midnight.  At the time of his death John was fifty-five years of age." 

~ Excerpt from Saints For Sinners by Alban Goodier, S.J.

St John of God, pray for us!

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