Sunday, September 17, 2017

Barefoot thru fire... with JOY...

"Who we love shapes what we become." - St Clare of Assisi


When St Margaret Mary Alacoque left the world and consecrated herself
to God in the cloister, she made a private vow and wrote in her blood,

"All for the Eucharist,
nothing for me."

It is useless to attempt to describe the Saint's burning love for the Eucharist.
When she was not able to receive Holy Communion, she broke out
in ardent expressions of love like these:

"I have such a desire for Holy Communion that if
I had to walk barefoot along a path of fire to obtain It,
I would do so with unspeakable joy."

Excerpt from Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love (Fr Stefano Manelli)

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