Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heavenly Food...

"O, Mary, model of a perfect communion,
help us to receive Jesus worthily." - Msgr Louis-Gaston de Ségur

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"The Eucharist produces
impulses of angelic love
and has the singular capacity of effecting in souls
a holy, instinctive tenderness
for the Queen of the angels. 
She has given us Flesh of her flesh and
Bone of her bone, and in the Eucharist she continues
to give us this sweet, virginal, Heavenly Food."

St Albert the Great

Image above: Aurel Naray (1883-1948): Maria

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"Hail white lily of the ever peaceful and glorious Trinity!
Hail, effulgent rose, the delight of Heaven,

Of whom the King of Heaven was born
and by whose milk He was nourished!
Nourish our souls by the effusions of thy Divine influences."

(Known as the "Hail Mary of Gold")

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