Monday, February 19, 2018

Nerve center of the Church...

 I look into the paten's gold
My consecrated fingers hold,
And mirrored in its circle see
The other Christ I'm called to be.

Adrienne Gascoigne

Translation: Accept, holy Father... (addressed to God the Father)

"When the Holy Father (St JPII) described the priesthood 
as "the nerve-centre of the Church's whole life and mission" 
(Holy Thursday Exhortation, 4 April 1996), he was affirming the key role 
played by priests in the drama of salvation.  Priests, it could also be said, 
are God's key-men in the further sense that to them have been given 
the keys of the kingdom - the kingdom of privileged sacramental treasures, 
notably the Eucharist and the forgiveness of sins (cf. Mt 16:19).  ...

... a priest's whole meaning and purpose is focused 
on the Eucharist in general, the Mass in particular.
 For he is consecrator and sacrifice-offerer of the Blessed Sacrament, besides being 
distributor, custodian and privileged adorer.  How accurate and apt, therefore, is the 
Holy Father's (St JPII) observation:  "A priest is worth what his Eucharistic life is worth."

St Claude de la Colombiere treasured the personal 
graces gained through holy Mass like rubies....
"Each day in my Mass He will give me new counsels, new strength.   
He will teach me, encourage me.  He will grant me or obtain for me, 
through His sacrifice, all the graces I shall ask of Him."
Fr Richard Foley, SJ
  Excerpts from Mary and the Eucharist

CLICK BELOW  to see this outstanding slide show video
by Stephen Golder (Turn on sound) * 7 mins

During this grace-filled season of Lent priests offer many extra Masses
and spend many long hours celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation
for the holy benefit of those they serve.  Let us PRAY DAILY for priests -
in thanksgiving for their vocation, for their stamina and piety and to implore 
deeper, richer Eucharistic lives for them - and ultimately for the Church!

"In strengthening the priest
you strengthen the whole Church. ...
Strengthen the priest and
you strengthen the whole foundation,
you strengthen everything in the Church."

Fr Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P., Founder
Handmaids of the Precious Blood

Check out a vibrant and growing Apostolate committed
to pray for priests in the form of Holy Hours:
Seven Sisters Apostolate
Seven Sisters Apostolate

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