Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Lord and my God! ...

How right they are to adore you! - Song of Songs 1:4

“Is not this gazing upon the Eucharistic Saviour
a magnificent profession of our faith in the
Divinity of Christ, such as was made by
the incredulous Thomas?  When St. Thomas said,
‘My Lord and my God!’ (see John 20:24-28)
we may be sure he did not keep
his eyes cast down, but looked with open
and sincere gaze into the eyes of his Master." 

Servant of God, Fr. Lukas Etlin, O.S.B. (+1927)
Detail - The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (Caravaggio)

St Thomas the Apostle
Apostle, Martyr (+74)
Carried/fearlessly preached the Gospel to India
SW coast of India call themselves: "Christians of St Thomas"
Martyred in India: pierced from swords of four soldiers
Feast Day - July 3

Besides tradition, we have the witness of Saints and Fathers of the Church that St. Thomas preached in India. The following powerful quote is from St. Ephraim the Syrian, in a writing on the devil. He discusses the power of the Apostles through Christ from the devil's perspective:

"The evil one wails, "Where then can I flee from the righteous? I incited Death to kill the apostles as if to escape from their scourges by their death. More than ever now I am scourged harshly. The apostle I killed in India (has come) to Edessa before me. Here is he and also there. I went there, there he is. Here and there I found him, and I am gloomy. Did that merchant carry the bones? Or perhaps, indeed, they carried him!"  

 St Thomas the Apostle, pray for us!

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