Thursday, February 20, 2020


 "Behold, the everlasting oblation!  Of such power it is, 
that in the whole world no other sacrifice 
remains but this." - St Vincent Ferrer

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"Recall that at four important moments during the celebration 
of the Eucharist, the priest elevates the sacred Host and the 
Precious Blood of the Lord. The first moment is the elevation 
during the consecration. The second moment occurs when, at the 
conclusion of the Eucharistic prayer, the priest raises the 
Host and the chalice together just before the recitation of the Lord’s 
Prayer.  Then, before the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest 
presents the sacred Host and the Precious Blood to the 
entire congregation with the words “Behold the  Lamb of God….” 
And finally, in a more personal moment, each communicant is 
invited to behold and adore the sacred Host just before 
receiving the Bread of Life." - Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, OP


"At the elevation of the most holy Sacrament, we must strive to 
adore Him with all our heart, then to offer Him to God the 
Father for the remission of our sins and those of all the world, 
then to offer to Him ourselves and all the Church and 
all our relations and friends."- St Francis de Sales

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"The whole life and passion of Christ is expressed in the Mass.  
So when the priest raises the sacred host and chalice, 
he represents how Christ was raised high upon the Cross.  
All must humble themselves and bend the knee when the body of Christ is raised up, for the true Christ who is in heaven is in the host."
 - St Vincent Ferrer 

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 "For the elevation is done that all present may see and ask 
for whatever will profit unto salvation, according to the words: 
And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to 
Myself." - Durandus, Bishop of Mende (France)

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"Behold the Sun of holy Church, that scatters the clouds
and renders heaven again serene!  Behold the heavenly Rainbow, 
pacifying the storms of divine justice!" - St Leonard

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