Monday, April 6, 2020

Nothing held back...

Monday of Holy Week

"There is only one anointing that is strong enough to meet death and that is
the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the love of God.  There is, then, something
that is both exemplary and lasting in Mary's anointing of Jesus at Bethany.  
It was above all a concern to keep Christ alive in this world and to oppose
the powers that aimed to silence and kill him.  It was an act of faith and love.  
Every such act can have the same effect." - Pope Benedict XVI
(Today's Gospel: John 12:1-11)  

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"Nothing is held back, no drop is kept in reserve.
The house is filled with the fragrance, because the perfume
is no longer hers; it has ceased any longer to belong to her as
a personal possession. The excess of this gesture, its extravagance,
expresses the essential truth about love. 

Neither love nor the perfume, in this case, can remain enclosed
in a container, protected and saved.  Instead, it must be all 
thrown away in the hour of love, wasted imprudently 
without a thought for tomorrow, poured out in its entirety."

Fr Donald Haggerty 
Painting above:  Forgiven ~ Daniel Gerhartz

Hat tip: Both quotes noted in Magnificat Magazine: Holy Week 2018, Vol. 20, No.1

This Holy Week let us together 
pour out our love before our 
Eucharistic Lord, Jesu Hostia...

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