Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A hidden loveliness, beyond...

 "Through all things, by day and by night, 
in clear light or in darkness, 
let us live like the Magdelen, always under 
the eyes of Unchangeable Beauty... 
St Elizabeth of the Trinity

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"In the Eucharist there is a beauty, 
a hidden loveliness, beyond the beauty of all art.  
The Lamb of God comes to the altar of His Bride 
in the glory of the Father and the Holy Spirit, invisibly 
escorted by the angels.  Only humble accidents 
veil the radiance of His flesh. 

Christ is beauty, and He becomes present 
to make us beautiful.  
...Christ in all His matchless beauty is substantially present 
in the Eucharist, and His Church strives to worship 
that beauty with all the accidental beauty of her sacred art - 
by vestments and vessels, by chant and icons, 
by the consecrated space of her temples.  
The bride knows that no human art can be 
worthy of her Spouse, who is the eternal Son 
and Splendour of the Father.  
... the hidden beauty is always greater 
than the visible forms."

John Saward
From The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty

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