Saturday, January 16, 2021

The pouring of special graces...

 "I believe in the miracle performed each day in the holy Mass. 
It is a continuous and miraculous multiplication of the Angelic Bread 
and pouring of graces on the zealous and on the lukewarm souls." 
 - Bl Michael Sopocko

"The effect of Holy Communion is the conversion 
and increase of sanctifying grace and supernatural life 
to a degree which is not attained by any other sacrament.  

As bodily food serves to build the physical side of man, 
so the Blessed Sacrament revives, heals, protects, strengthens, 
feeds and develops the supernatural life of the soul.  
Here is effected the closest union with Christ, not only a spiritual 
but also a physical union with such tangibility and perfection 
that no closer union on earth is possible

 Moreover, this sacrament ... imparts to us a special grace 
of devotion and of ardent love from which comes 
happiness and bliss, peace and fortitude, and 
boundless readiness for sacrifices for God and our neighbor."
 - Blessed Michael Sopocko 
Confessor and spiritual advisor of St Faustina

Painting: The Mass of Canon Antoine de La Porte or the Altar of Notre Dame,  Jouvenet

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