Thursday, September 2, 2021

The worth of a moment...

 "You may be sure that of all the moments of your life, the time
you spend before the divine Sacrament will be that which will
give you more strength during life and more consolation
at the hour of your death and during eternity."St. Alphonsus

"Making my meditation before the picture of the Blessed John Vianney, he seemed to say to me with an interior voice:

'The secret of my life was that I lived for the moment. I did not say, I must pray here for the next hour, but only for this moment. I did not say, I have a hundred confessions to hear, I but looked upon this one as the first and last. I did not say, I must deny myself everything and always, but only just this once. By this means I was able always to do everything perfectly, quietly and in great peace. Try and live this life of the present moment. Pray as if you had nothing else whatever to do; say your Office slowly as if for the last time;do not look forward and think you must often repeat this act of self-denial. This will make all things much easier.' ”

Fr Willie Doyle
Diary entry: 08/13/1913

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