Thursday, July 28, 2022

In our midst, day and night...

"For a church is not a barber's shop 
or a chemist's or a market stall: 
it is the dwelling of angels and of archangels; 
it is the kingdom of God; it is heaven itself." 
- St John Chrysostom

l'hôtel Ibis de Roubaix Nord

"On entering the church,
a man must leave behind
any authority he has over other men,
for before God no man has any authority. 
Again, the cares and anxieties which a man has
in regard to his home, family and business or work are good,
but they should be left at the door of the church,
except when he wants to speak to God about them."

St Louis of Granada

“What joy ought not we men to conceive, 
what hopes and what affections,
in knowing that in the midst of our land,
in our churches, near our houses, 
the Holy of holies,
the true God, dwells and lives
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar!
He who by His presence alone renders the saints in heaven blessed! 
He who is love itself."

St Alphonsus Ligouri

"For nothing so much wins love as the knowledge 
that one's lover desires most of all 
to be himself loved." - St John Chrysostom

Art work:  Franklin Booth

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