Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Host-life...

  “It would seem impossible, did we not know it to be true, 
that God could abide with us always, in littleness 
and humility even more extreme than infancy.
…Yet this is so.  Every day, every hour, 
Christ is born on the altar in the hands of the priest.  

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Christ is lifted up and sacrificed; Christ is buried in the tomb 
of the human heart and Christ rises from the tomb 
to be the life of the world through His Communion with men. …

This is the Host-life. …In the Host He is our Life on earth today. ...
The Host-life is not something new or different from the Christ-life 
that we know already.  It is the very core of it … the life which 
Christ Himself is living in the world now.  It is His choice of how 
to live His life among us today. … It alone can restore humanity 
to happiness … one thing only … supernatural life, beginning 
secretly in each individual heart; just as Incarnate Love 
began secretly on earth in the heart of Mary.  It is one thing only, 
the birth of the Infant Christ in us, Incarnate Love. …

Carry Christ everywhere in your hearts.  
Make your souls monstrances, and go into places 
where Our Lord has never been adored in the Host, 
where the monstrance has never been lifted up.”

Caryll Houselander
The Passion of the Infant Christ
(Chapter Ten – The Host Life)

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